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Dianna Agron at the SVEDKA Vodka Summer Samba (June 17 2014)

Dianna Agron at the SVEDKA Vodka Summer Samba (June 17 2014)

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Caleb and Devin segment number twelve. 


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olicity appreciation week: day five - favorite little thing: #ProudHubby

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So basically after the veto ceremony tomorrow, Cody and Zach are going to call out Caleb and Devin and blow up the bomb squad


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"I came out here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now."

- Devin every time someone tries to have a constructive conversation with him (via queen-franzel)

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he’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr united states


he’s beauty he’s grace he’s mr united states

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I don’t care if people know who I am or if I make a ton of money, I just love my work so much.

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haters can say what they want about the 4th of july but i just witnessed two dudes- one dressed as abe lincoln and the other as benjamin franklin- passionately making out on the balcony while fireworks went off behind them and half of the party, for some reason, gathered around them and chanted “USA! USA!” for like five solid minutes

god bless america

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